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I’ve updated the gallery with Star-Crossed screencaps so that we are now current leading up to tomorrow’s newest episode. SO make sure you check out all of the newest additions and hopefully we see more of Taylor tomorrow. I loved that we got a lot of her last week.

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- Natalie Hall Online > Television Productions > Star-Crossed

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Here’s a video preview of this week’s upcoming episode. You can catch a glance of Nat too!

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New gallery update to Natalie Hall Online – the screencaps from the StarCrossed pilot.

Natalie Hall Online Gallery > StarCrossed >
101 “Pilot”

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One of the first two updates for Star-Crossed – the episode stills and promo photos of Natalie.

Natalie Hall Online Gallery > Star-Crossed > Promotional Photos
Natalie Hall Online Gallery > Star-Crossed > Episode Stills

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What Natalie loves most about her character Taylor is that Taylor has a funny side. Being the Queen Bee of high school is great, but it is even better if she has a sense of humor. The other thing that really surprised her was what a big heart Taylor has – and it is that big heart that really gets Taylor in trouble. Well, perhaps “trouble” is too strong a word. More like gets Taylor in a complicated situation. The last thing Taylor needs is to fall in love with an alien, but the heart wants what the heart wants – and Taylor’s heart is head over hells in love with Drake (Greg Finley). It will not be obvious at first, but soon human/alien relations will be taken to an all new levels as love seems to beckon across the two species and no one can resist its call.


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Natalie and the rest of the Star Crossed cast is tweeting tonight – follow Natalie HERE

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SET the DVR – Love’s Christmas Journey is on the 8th at 6am on the Hallmark Movie Channel!

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Last week we added caps of Nat on Drop Dead Diva as Brittney, Natalie will be a recurring guest this season on the hit Lifetime series. Natalie plays the old Jane (or real Jane, whichever you choose to use) who in the Season 4 finale pressed the return button and was sent back to earth…. and into the body of Brittney, who is a polar opposite of old Jane just like Deb was with Jane. Funny how these things work out huh…

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- Natalie Hall Online > Television Productions > Drop Dead Diva > 5×01 – Back From The Dead

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Watch the trailer for Drop Dead Diva’s Season 5 coming soon to your television screens in one week, Sunday, June 23, 2013 at 9 p. EST!

You can catch a quick glimpse of Natalie at the :21 mark.

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A few weeks ago the Drop Dead Diva Facebook page teased which Pretty Little Liars star would be coming on board Drop Dead Diva, and as we all know it’s Nat!

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